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November 24, 2017   //  

Get my book free today!! Sneak peak- next week you can get a paperback copy of my book on Amazon. Wahoo! #blackfridaydeal #thanksgiving #alwayslookforthegood #blessedjourneys#firsttimeauthor #bucketlist #joneslandandlivestock  


Friday 11/24/17, you can get this book for free on Amazon!! Happy Thanksgiving!  #gratitude #thanksgiving #getitforfreefriday #blessedjourneys #alwayslookforthegood #joneslandandlivestock


I wrote a book!!

November 17, 2017   //   Life on the ranch

I wrote a book! Watch the video to see what it’s about! It’s an enjoyable and refreshing read. Pick up a copy today on Amazon.com!!


This all sounds super simple but it might be stuff you need to be reminded of every now and again: Training outside in adverse weather can sometimes be nerve racking if you are not a confident rider or if your horse is still in need of a lot of training.  The wind can sometimes add an element of “fun” to your horse training time and may put your horse on edge. What do you do…

  • Jones Land & Livestock, Inc. is a family owned and operated ranch in Donnelly, Idaho. Established in 2004, the ranch is quickly becoming the place to gather for those who want to compete in equine events or experience the peace of mind provided by quality equine services. Our professional and practical services, intertwined with our down to earth approach will have you feeling like one of the family in no time.
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  • Paperback copy for sale on Amazon!

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    • Happy 17th birthday to this amazing kid! Seth came into the world so happy and full of life. He makes everyone around him so happy and a better person. You are an amazing person! Love you and happy birthday! @seth_jones7
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    • #lighttheworld #Day25 #light "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Merry Christmas! I’m up early again even though it’s Christmas Day. I teach English to Chinese kids early in the morning. So I’m up again and will write out the last of these... Doing this #lighttheworld challenge every day this month has been wonderful. It’s taught me that there are many ways to serve and love and lighten each other’s loads.

I am so grateful that Christ came into the world. I love Him and honor Him and try so hard to do what He would do and think on Him.

Today I reflect on Him, Jesus Christ. I reflect on the light He brought into the world.  I choose to bask in gratitude and the love for Him on this Christmas Day.
    • #lighttheworld #Day24 #prayer "Ye must watch and pray always." I know prayer is real and works. There are times when I knelt in prayer ,bowed in grief and pain and desperate, and a warm feeling of peace came in my heart. It was not something I could manufacture on my own. It was real and true and it confirmed to me that there was a God in Heaven who heard my prayer.

I have a beautiful friend who told me she talked to God all the time and that He was her best friend. That touched me and since that time I’ve wanted to be like that. Whether I prayed in my mind or kneeled down, I wanted to develop that habit of turning to Him and talking to Him so often and making him my best friend.

Today I choose to pray and continue working on my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I love Him so much
    • #lighttheworld #day23 #prison
“I was in prison, and ye came unto me”

I have not had experience visiting someone in a literal prison.

There are other “prisons”- depression anxiety, addictions, grief, pain, heartache. We are trapped there and cannot get out on our own.

I remember the story of those miners who were trapped beneath the earth . They could not get out on their own. They needed help. They needed rescue. They needed someone to come unto them.

When people “visit” us when we are in our dark places, it gives us hope. Hope is essential. That hope helps us know and believe that we can be rescued. 
I am so grateful for Christ who “visits” me when I pray. Without fail, when I reach out to Him and pray, the fear or anxiety or pain melts away and a warm peace burns in my heart. He breaks open those prison doors in my life and helps me see all the hope, love, and good things in the world.

I have been so grateful to those who “visit me” in my difficulties.  I hope to be that for another today. 
Today I can come to those who are trapped in their own prison- A kind word of love can help change the feeling of despair to hope and happiness. 
    • #lighttheworld #Day22 #comefollowme “That which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do." There are so many things I admire in the character of Christ. One of the most meaningful traits of His that has meant the most to me this past year was his ability to know who He was despite what anyone else thought of Him. Regardless of whether they believed that He was the son of God or whether they believed in His miracles, other people’s opinions of Him or their criticism never changed what He did or His view about himself. 
The scriptures say he was despised and rejected of men but that didn’t change how He viewed himself. He knew his worth. Their opinion of Him didn’t change that. He was strongly able to disconnect from others opions and be confident in his value. 
Because of that he was able to consistently go about doing good and blessing others because He didn’t own anyone else’s stories. He was so confident. 
I love this about Christ and have wanted to develop this ability in myself.  He prayed to His Father all the time. This is key in How he was able to remember who He was despite the chaos around him. His confidence came from His constant connection with His Father.

Today I choose to keep working on that connection with my God. Through that connection I can gain the ability to remember I am a daughter of God. When I remember my divine identity, I gain the power to overcome my circumstances because my circumstances do not define who I am. Nor do others opinions define who I am. As I break free of what could distract me from remembering my divine worth,I can embrace who God made me to be, do what I was sent here to do, and go forward without fear.
#rememberwhoyouare #iamadaughterofgod #ihavesomuchworth
    • #lighttheworld #Day21 #hungry "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat."
I love this scripture because it addresses a need and that the need was fulfilled.  The need alone qualified him to be filled...I think this is how God sees our need and wants. If we are in need and are wanting, He will fill us.
Today I choose to recognize hunger in someone- whether its physical or spiritual and I choose to fulfill their need.
    • #lighttheworld #Day20 #possessions “A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth." “Sometimes possessions distract us from appreciating the most important things in life. By eliminating these distractions, we can lead a more fulfilling life”

Sadly I think my phone sometimes distracts me from important things or important moments with my family.

Today I want to sit down with myself (hah)and write out when appropriate times and places are to use my phone and  then stick to that plan. 
#atimeandaplace #disciplinemyself #phonesareablessingandacurse
    • #lighttheworld #day19 #rejoice "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad." Oh my goodness- the video for today touched my heart. (Link in bio) It showed a boy who has autism and couldn’t speak. When he could finally speak, the first thing he said was how he hated his life and how could God do this to him. Then he came to see that his autism had given him a voice and His life had purpose and was meant to be used in service and love. 
Rejoice and be happy. Look for the good and see the good.

See the good even in the ashes of the fire because the ashes of the fire give you a chance for a new beginning. See the good in a challenge because that challenge gives you a voice. See the good in the pieces of your brokenness because then you can know for yourself that God can put you back together stronger and better than before. See the hard as an avenue to the good.

I think it is a gift from god to rejoice and be glad and have the power to be happy no matter your circumstances.

Face it and embrace all the good that comes out of the hard. Embracing that good will help you rejoice as you go through the hard because you know that getting that good can only be had by going thru the hard. 
Today I choose to reflect on my blessings. I choose to see how God loves me and knows me. I choose to see the good He wants me to gain thru going the the hard. I choose to rejoice today. 
#nuturegood #creategood #rejoiceandbeglad
    • #lighttheworld #Day18 #forgive “Forgive men their trespasses."
Forgiveness is sometimes like the that Greek myth where the man was cursed to push the rock up the hill . Each day he had to start over and push it back up the hill. Forgiveness is sometimes like that. We work hard all day to forgive only to have to wake up and do it again. Sometimes it seems too hard and too exhausting.

I think forgiveness is just like that in the beginning.  But If we are committed to the process of forgiveness, and we get up and work at it every day, because of God, we can forgive and we can be free. We will one day go to bed and realize we didn’t have to push that rock up the hill that day. 
Forgiveness frees up the energy you once put in blame or holding grudges and allows you to use that energy for something better. You rediscover who you really are and who God made you to be.

To forgive you need to let go of blame for past hurt. Blaming will keep you stuck. Placing blame magnifies your pain. Blame keeps alive the hurt that might otherwise heal. Let it go. Let go of blame. I know blame feels like a warm coat but it’s not.  It’s deceptive and full of holes. You will never heal with blame.

Letting go of blame requires a great deal of humility. Let go of your pride. Be humble. When we are humble we can overcome hurt feelings and we can forgive  others.(Quentin Cook)

Take responsibility for the condition of your heart. You can’t control what happens to you but you can control your actions to it. Herein lies the power of our agency.
(James E. Faust)

Today I choose to forgive. I choose to let go. If a blaming thought comes in my head, I will acknowledge it but choose to let it go. I do it because forgiveness is the path of peace. I choose peace. I choose to forgive.

    • #lighttheworld #Day17 #meetingtogetherstrengthenseachother
"Ye shall meet together oft." Meeting together strengthens each other and yourself. Sometimes it’s tempting to think it’s easier to “go it alone”. I need to remember that the light in others can light me and I can do the same for them if I but choose to come together and be with them.

Today I choose to do two things. I choose to go to church. Then I choose to meet together with my family and be with them. I choose to feel of the light that others have as I meet with them.
    • #lighttheworld #Day16 #clothing "[I was] naked, and ye clothed me." This is a perfect time of year for this! Giving gifts is so fun. The kids have already been making and putting gifts under the tree.

Today I choose to donate clothes to the thrift store. I would also like to pick out some clothes to purchase for someone who needs it.

  • Paperback copy for sale on Amazon!