The Story of the Barn

Part 1

In November 2007, we started building a pole barn.

We drilled holes for the poles.

Well, we drilled ALOT of holes…..

It got pretty muddy.

Our work crew started to complain that they were underpaid.

Finally, after some tough negotiations, we got all the posts up.

Then we got the sides of the pole barn up.

This is the part of the story that things start to change.  It’s where I will go into Part 2 of our barn story ….

Part 2

During the time that we were building this barn, Josh was serving as a Bishop of the McCall 1st Ward.  The building that the congregation was meeting in was getting too small and so plans were already underway to expand and update the existing building.

Orginally they were going to allow the congregation to still meet in the building, only on Sundays, while the construction was going on.  But that all changed.

Josh got a call one day telling him that for at least 7 weeks they would need to find another place to meet for church.  While they were renovating the church building, no one could come in at anytime.

The decision was made to meet in the horse barn during this time.  However, it wasn’t yet finished.

During a Sunday meeting talking about what was going to happen after our building was closed to us, a brother from the back of the room raised his hand and asked if Josh needed any help on the barn.  Bishop Josh Jones said that if anyone had time it would sure be appreciated.  The very next day, men started coming.  Fifteen brethren answered that call!  Women came and brought food too to feed the men.  Some of the men came several days that week.  It truly was a barn-raising event!

The inside of the barn was graded to get ready for the chairs…

We were now ready to meet in our temporary meetinghouse.We even set up a tent for the children of our congregation (the Primary) to meet in too.  You can bet they thought that was the coolest thing EVER!

News of our unique church settings on Sundays spread.  We had visitors drive up two hours from Boise just so they could say that they had “church in the barn”.  We had over 600 people the last day we had church in the barn.

There was even an article about it in the LDS Church News. 

Nowadays it’s back to being a horse barn.  It is always a work in progress.  Barn doors and automatic waterers are what we are working on next…

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